Curriculum Vitae

Yuzo Ochiai

Permanent Address 13-19 Ekimae-Cho, Sojiji, Ibaraki-City, Osaka 567-0802 Japan
Phone Number +81-72-626-8818
Mobile Phone +81-90-3973-1232

Personal Identity

Name Yuzo Ochiai
Sex Male
Nationality Japanese
Place of Birth Japan
Date of Birth February 6, 1952
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Educational Background

1969 Left Japan to study in USA
1976 Received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from California Institute of the Arts

Business Career

On returning to Japan after having completed my study at above university, I established a school in Ibaraki, Osaka, where I give private lessons in English, music, guitar, and computer.
Aside from teaching, I've been working as interpreter and translator for various firms, building computer hardware, producing websites, and also involved in sound engineering business for seminars and other stage works.